The cars Vappa had

Vappa was well known for the Studebaker cars he owned. The olive green colour 1947 model Studebaker Champion (TCK 1111) was his favourite. He did not change that car for nearly 5 years. Driver Kuriakose was considered part of the car!. He later had a1948 model Studebaker commander along with a huge 1947 model Chevrolet. A1955 model Studebaker Commander was with him for some time and and the last one was the 1956 model Studebaker President. This metallic green colour car with white band on the sides was so majestic that the only other car in Kerala state was owned by the Maharaja of Travancore..

He always had more than one car in his possession, which very rich people at that time could not imagine of. Some time in 1953 he had a Hindustan Ambassador, a Chevrolet, a Ford war time jeep and a Desoto station wagon. Though not owned the rarest of the rare Armstrong Siddeley was in his hands for a long time. The car made by a British aircraft company was of all aluminium body with a very long hood powered by rare straight eight cylinder engine with a reserve tank for petrol since the mileage was very low (3Km per litre).

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