Mr. Abdul Majeed Marikar was the eldest son of our founder Mr. HOL Marikar. He was born on the 10h of July, 1914, in Peerumade. ldukki district.

Before joining the family business, he helped his father by assisting in the management of the vast family plantations. Soon after the demise of his father in 1944, Mr. Majeed Marikar donned the mantle of the Chairman of Marikar and Sons Ltd. Though blessed with great business acumen and foresight, he was dominated by his interest in working for the society. In 1970 he relinquished his position in the company as the Chairman Director of Marikar and Sons Ltd and lvlarikar (Motors) Ltd and devoted himself to social work.

He was a member of the Travancore - Cochin Legislative Assembly from 1948 to 1952. In the following years, he also served as the President of the Travancore State Mustim League and the Jamaath Federation and headed the WAQF Board as its Chairman.

Mr. Majeed Marikar. was a voracious reader ard a good public speaker. His phenomenal knowledge and mastery over four languages, despite not completing his college education, bore ample testimony to his intellect and brilliance. Even in those days when gender discrimination was common, his writings and speeches often reflected his staunch support for women's education as well as equal status in the social fabric of life.

Being well versed in the teachings of all major religions, Mr. Majeed Marikar had a profound insight and deep compassion towards humanity. He was a deeply religious man and continuously strived for the upliftment and the betterment of the Muslim community in Kerala, which was, at the time, both educationally and socially backward. He was the pioneer in the translation of the first fifteen chapters of the Holy Quran into Malayalam & wrote several books on lslam.

He was an active member of the Madyanirodhan Samithi, Tamil Sangam & Asan Smaraka Samithi of Perambavoor, where he lived most of his life. He was also founder member of Akshara Sloka Samithi and the Swathi Thirunal Music Association of Perambavoor as also a member of the Alwaye Sangeetha Sabha

Mr. Majeed Marikar passed away on the 30h October 1984 in Trivandrum, and is survived by his brother, wife, six daughters, two sons and several grand children and great grand children.

Marikar Newsletter "Behind the Wheel (for Internal circulation only)"
[Vol 2 (April-June 2005) Page 2 & 4] - Collector Mariambi  

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